6 Things Every Podcast Landing Page Should Have

Imagine a friend is giving you direction to their house (I guess it’s 2005 in this example), and they say, “Go to this private road, or whatever you would do to get to my house.”

Those are some pretty terrible directions. How do we get to the private road? What if I’m already on the private road? What is the private road isn’t open to 70% of road traffic?

That’s kind of what it’s like when your podcast’s call to action is, “Follow on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.”

I’ve already talked about having one, clear, call to action for your podcast. There, I recommend your CTA should be to join the mailing list. But you still need a good place for the mailing list sign up to live.

You need a good landing page.

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    How I Grew My Podcast

    I often get asked how I grew my podcast and what I did early on that helped people find the show and listen. Without a doubt, my website was instrumental.

    Even if you don’t have a full website, it’s easier than ever to stand up a landing page for free or cheap. But your landing page shouldn’t just be a stand-in for your podcast feed. Here’s everything your podcast landing page should have.

    1) Your Show’s Artwork, Title, and Description

    First up is your show’s artwork, title, and description. Let people know what your show is about! It will help them get a better understand of your mission (you have a mission for your show, right?) and if they should subscribe.

    2) Subscribe Buttons (more than once!)

    Next up is Subscribe buttons! The overwhelming majority of podcast listeners listen in an app, so give them the opportunity to subscribe where they want to listen. At the very least: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Podchaser. I also recommend PocketCasts and Overcast.

    You want to present the buttons to make it as easy as possible to sign up for your show. I even have some copy on what apps to use if new listeners need a recommendation (and I’ll likely make a video to help).

    You also don’t want to overwhelm. I might have too many currently, though I have all of the major services, plus an RSS feed link, for those who know what do to with it.

    One more thing: have these on the page twice. Once towards the top, and again towards the bottom. You want people to subscribe, right? As a bonus, you can add the mailing list for too. These are a package deal on my site, where there’s 2 “Subscribe” sections and a dedicated page.

    3) Mailing List Sign Up Form

    Necessary if you use the mailing list CTA is a Mailing List sign up form. This is the absolute best way to capture your audience because it gives you a direct line to them.

    Plus, some people want the episodes delivered to their inbox. It’s SUPER easy to do this with ConvertKit, where you can connect a feed and have it emails out upon publish.

    I’m currently experimenting with 2 different optins: one on the landing page, and one on episode pages.

    4) A Playlist of Episodes

    You also want people to be able to listen to episodes here — especially if someone wants to share your show with a friend. This is where I think a full website has a leg up on just a landing page, because easy episode can get it’s own URL. BUT you should at the very least, have a playlist for people to listen to the show.

    This will highly depend on your podcast player. Castos offers great playlist embedding, as I’m sure many audio hosts do. In a pinch, you can always embed the trailer or your favorite episode.

    5) Your Headshot and Bio

    Podcasts are a great way to establish trust with an audience, and you should absolutely reinforce that on your landing page with your headshot and bio. Let people see the person behind the mic. They’ll grow to trust you even more.

    If you need some ideas for what to include:

    • Your credentials
    • Why you started the podcast
    • What you hope people get from the show
    • Some personal aspects — hobbies and other projects.

    6) Contact Information

    Finally, let people know how they can get in touch with you — to send kind words, feedback, or submit questions. This could be a form, your Twitter handle, or my favorite, a ZipMessage link. Whatever works best for you!

    Contact info will make you a lot more accessible to listeners, as well as increase engagement for the show. People love hearing their name, so a nice carrot to get people to write in is to read listener mail or feedback right on the show.

    Building Landing Pages

    Let’s end with some helpful tools to build landing pages. Naturally, I like WordPress, but that’s overkill for a single page (though if you’d like a tutorial on this, let me know).

    I think Carrd, which is showcased in the video above, is the perfect solution. It’s free to start, SUPER affordable, and there are lots of options for templates, and features. There’s even direct integration with most popular Email Service Providers, and Stripe to accept payments.

    Check out the video above to see how it works.

    If you want something more purpose-built, check out Podpage (which I’ll likely do for a future video). It has feed imports, revenue support, and some other nice features specifically for podcasting.

    Build Your Landing Page!

    Armed with the info about, you should have a good idea of at least what to include on your landing page. And if you need a little help, get in touch for a free consult. I’m working on a new service and would love to know what would help you the most.

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