Hi! I’m Joe Casabona

I’m here to help you make $10,000 from your podcast this year.

I’m a full-time podcaster who:

  • Makes $30,000-$50,000 every year from sponsorships alone
  • Gets 60,000 downloads in the first 30 days
  • Ranks in the top 1.5% of all podcasts
  • Had paying sponsors before launching all 3 of my podcasts
Joe Casabona sitting at his desk with a mic

And my podcast coaching clients have:

  • Landed sponsors after 1 coaching session
  • Made money from more than sponsorships (yes, other ways exist)

Trusted Sponsors, Partners, and Institutions

The University of Scranton

But Who Is Joe Casabona? (And how did he get those dream stats?)

I was an entrepreneur early on. 

In high school, I sold anything and everything. I was the real-life Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. 

My main gig was making mixed CDs. Guaranteed 2-day delivery (thanks mom and dad for the dedicated dial-up line). 

I even had tiered packages. Mixed CDs, whole albums, albums with images, you name it. 

My second brush with entrepreneurship was designing a website for my church. At first, I said no. Then, they offered to pay me. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I became a freelance website designer. 

High school helped me test the entrepreneurial waters. But, I vowed to grow a “real” business when I went to grad school. Grad school was also where I learned how much I loved teaching. 

I grew that real business and worked for myself straight out of school. Until I hit 26 and had to foot my own health insurance bill. Which wasn’t cheap, so I got a “real” job. 

I weaved in and out of traditional jobs for a few years, but I kept freelancing and teaching on the side because that’s what I loved.  

In 2016, I ended up at a WordPress agency that became my catalyst to full-time entrepreneur. 

A lot of WordPress agencies were struggling at the time. Including mine and we didn’t know what to expect.

I knew this was the time to take the plunge again and reinvest in myself.  

So, I quit my job. 

It was great at first. I had the freedom to spend time with my new family, watch Disney and Star Wars movies, and dust off my hobbies. The entrepreneur’s dream. 

But a few months in, reality knocked on my door. I didn’t have enough clients to keep going. With my wife was on maternity leave, I was responsible for our income. 

My business was about to fail. I needed to support my family. And I didn’t have much time to fix this.  

I did have a niche podcast called How I Built It and an idea though (which saved my business).

I was getting ready to launch the show when a brand reached out and asked for a backlink. 

Tongue-in-cheek I said, “no, but for $99, you could sponsor my podcast.” 

They said yes. 

And that’s how I sold my first sponsor spot for $99. 

Not bad for an unplanned pitch. 

It was a bold move…that worked. 

My second pitch was intentional. One of my guests kept mentioning a brand on her episode. So, I reached out to that brand to see if they wanted to sponsor the podcast.  

It worked again. And again. Even after I raised my prices.

Since then, I’ve tried a lot of things to grow and sustain a profitable podcast. Then I did it two more times. 

Now, I have 3 profitable podcasts that all had sponsors before I launched them. 

Some people say I’m a risk taker–I say I experiment (a trait I kept from my developer days). 

And experimenting is how I have a repeatable model to turn podcasts into money makers. 

I use my podcasts to:

  • grow my income
  • establish my expertise
  • attract my perfect clients 

And I still experiment with my podcasts to find out what makes money today. Because what worked in 2009 doesn’t work now

I don’t want the results from my experimenting to be a secret. 

Thousands of other podcasters after the same success only find frustration. And I see them flail through podcast coaching and courses too out of touch with today’s podcast environment. 

A teacher at heart–and survivor of every question my 6-year old throws at me–I love to share what works. 

That’s why I’ve built Podcast Liftoff to help entrepreneurs who have what it takes to make it. 

Podcast Liftoff combines free and paid training to turn your struggling podcast into a reliable money maker.

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