Build Trust Faster Through Podcasting

In order for someone to buy your product or service, they need to know, like, and trust you. There are lots of ways to establish trust – reviews, testimonials, and helpful blog posts are just a few. But if you really want someone to get to know you, there’s an increasingly popular avenue for you: podcasting.

You may have heard me or others state that podcasting is an “intimate” medium. It’s almost like you’re speaking directly to the listener. The main reason is podcasts are more conversational than blog posts. In other words, listeners get more of your personality.

Your Personality Will Shine Through on a Podcast

Your listeners can hear your cadence and inflection. It’s a lot clearer when you’re making a joke, or when you’re telling a serious story. You can drive your point home better.

Your personality will shine through on a podcast, allowing people to get to know and like you. Click To Tweet

I’m not saying this is impossible through written word…but showing your personality on a lot easier. Your tone is not subject to reader interpretation.

This is even better when there’s a cohost or guest you have chemistry with. You can really let your personality shine in a way to help people get to know and like you. But what about trust?

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A Podcast Will Establish You as an Expert

Often, people ask me what they should podcast about. And I always tell them they need to be passionate about the topic, and it needs to be something the want to be know for. I love baseball and can talk about the Yankees forever, but I’m not going to start a podcast about the Yankees because there are other topics I where I want to establish my expertise.

Once you do pick your topic, don’t hold back. Share pretty much everything you know in a variety of formats: by doing short, news-based shows, long form tutorial-like shows, and interviews with industry experts.

Don't hold back info on your podcast – share everything you know. Establish yourself as an expert. Click To Tweet

Your goal is to deliver quick wins on a weekly basis to your listeners. I do that on my show by asking each guest for a “trade secret” – which is basically just an important tip that serves as the main takeaway for listeners.

Listeners Feel Connected to Podcast Hosts

Finally, because listeners know, like, and trust you, they feel a stronger connection to a podcast host than they would to a blogger. If you’re listening to someone talk weekly around a variety of topics, you feel like you get to know them over time.

As a podcast host yourself, you invite listeners into your life for 30-60 minutes per week. It will not be hard to at least mention personal stuff. For example, regular listeners of the show know I have a daughter, my wife is a nurse, and I live in Chester County, PA. All of these things help form a strong picture in their head of who I am, allowing them to know, like, and trust me even more.

Be genuine and be generous. Click To Tweet

It’s really important to note here: be genuine, and be generous. The rest of what you’ve learned her will not matter if you’re not genuine and generous.

What podcast hosts do you feel connected to? Do you have any stories of where someone approached you because of content you’ve put out that resonated with them? Let me know in the comments!

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