Can You Sound Good with a $30 Podcast Mic?

Podcasting is an inherently expensive endeavor! You need to buy audio hosting, gear, and possibly editing software and transcripts. But what if you could cut costs by saving on a decent but not fantastic mic? Can you spend only $20 on a podcast mic and sound good? That’s the question we’ll explore with the Tonor TC-777. Plus, we’ll answer: is the Tonor TC-777 the best mic in its price range?

Disclosure: The Tonor TC-777 was provided free of charge for an honest product review.

Thoughts on Tonor TC-777

Definitely watch the video for the full test and thoughts, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Tonor TC-777. It picks up a lot and is subject to clipping, but sounds very good for the price. On my voice it sounds slightly muddy, but overall clear.

Is it the best in its price range?

This is shockingly good for a sub-$40 mic, though I haven’t tried too many sub-$40 USB mics. If you have an XLR interface, I’d recommend the AT M8000, which is around the same price. But if you have less than $40 total to spend, the Tonon TC-777 is a good choice!

NOTE: When I checked the price of this mic before recording, it was around $20, but the price is subject to change.

Be sure to check out the video for a sound test, comparison, and 7-mic shootout!

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