5 Episode Ideas to Record Your Podcast FAST

Let’s face it. You’re not always up to the task of recording and editing a full episode. You might have to book a guest, do research, have a long conversation, combine audio, and more. And while that works for most of your episodes, sometimes it’s good to have a few you can produce quickly in your back pocket. Here are 5 that you should be able to record and publish with little effort.

5 Ideas You Can Record Fast

  1. Tell a Story. Something you know well, that you can give off the cuff. This cuts down on research and scripting!
  2. Favorite Apps / Services. People love lists and have shiny object syndrome. Again, this is something where you can jot down a few ideas and just riff about what you like!
  3. Your Take on a Twitter Thread. The only thing people love more than opinions is opinions on opinions! Take a popular Twitter thread and put your own spin on it.
  4. Repurpose your own Twitter Thread. Ever send off a few tweets you had some thoughts on? Take those initial thoughts and build on them.
  5. Behind the Scenes Content. People love this. They love seeing how the sausage gets made, and it’s something you’ll know really well, cutting down on prep time.

Low Effort and High Interest

The goal behind each of these is low effort in putting together a 15-20 minute episode, that your audience will be really interested it. Plus, if you can make it timeline, you can pre-record and batch a few for weeks where you have nothing!

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