How to Create an Easy Podcast Website with Castos

One of the most overlooked peices of a successful podcast is a good website. And frankly, it’s because there’s no standardized way to create a podcast website. You need to set up your show, and separately set up your website…until now.

Thanks to Castos, you can now set up a nice looking website right on your audio host. Making a podcast website to help your grow you podcast is now easier than ever. Here’s how to do it, step-by-step.

What’s In This Video?

In this video you will:

  1. Get an Overview of the new Castos Website Templates
  2. Choose from one of the three beautiful themes they’ve provided
  3. Add podcast host information, including social links
  4. Add navigation links, including custom links for Patreon or other shows
  5. Add the show’s social links
  6. Add the subscribe links for Apple Music, Spotify, and more
  7. View the site and test it
  8. Discuss potential improvements
  9. Switch layouts
  10. Learn about pointing a custom domain

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