iOS 16 is Out. How Does the iPhone as a Webcam Measure Up?

Now that iOS 16 is out, and macOS Ventura is right around the corner, I decided to install the macOS Beta and take the new Continuity Camera features for a spin.

If you’re curious about using your iPhone as a webcam without 3rd party apps, check out this video. We’ll go through how it works, look at the settings, and compare it to some other camera.

In This Video

  • What is Continuity Camera and how can you use your iPhone as a native web cam?
  • Different Modes: Center Stage, Portrait Mode, and Studio Light
  • What is Desk View
  • Comparing picture to the built-in MacBook Air camera
  • Comparing picture to the Studio Display camera
  • Comparing picture to the Sony a6400
  • Answering the question, “Is this the best webcam you already have?”

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