Podcast to Expand Your Network

Continuing this series on why you should start a podcast, up next is a secondary benefit of interviews and working in a new area: expanding your newtwork.

Stay Connected with People You Interview

One of the great benefits of interviewing people is you meet new people. Now, you may not always connect with them in a way that there’s a long term relationship, but you might.

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I’ve met some now-close friends because they came on my podcast and we we hit it off. I’ve even been in mastermind groups with them.

But even if you don’t hit it off on the show, you’ve still connected with someone new. And if there’s an opportunity to work with them, where you can both provide some value, that’s now a warm connection instead of a cold one.

I’ve had much more confidence to reach out to people I’ve met via my podcast (or theirs) when I’ve needed to because we know each other now.

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Meet / Connect with People in the Podcasting Industry

You also have an opportunity to connect with professionals in your new field. I’ve attended some podcast-specific events and have met some fantastic people along that way.

Make the effort to reach out to new people and introduce yourself at events – both virtual and in-person. Have some business cards and a few conversation starters ready.

And just one more note on this: don’t just connect because you think you can get something from them. That’s super transparent and it looks like you’re using them. Actually connect, exchange information, and stay in touch. You’re looking for a relationship, not a quickie.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Finally, as your podcast grows and you establish yourself more, people will reach out to you — to be on your show, for questions about podcasting, or for questions about the field you’re in.

This is a great opportunity for you, and I encourage you to keep an open mind. When people ask you questions, answer them, either directly, in a blog post, or on your show. Listener Q&A episodes can be pretty easy content!

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If someone is asking to be on your show, determine if they can provide your audience with value before writing them off. There are smart ways to screen potential guests and I’ve had some fantastic people on my show because they reached out code.

Make Yourself Available

A big part of this is to make yourself available. I encourage listeners to reach out on Twitter or via email, and when they write in, I answer them. They are looking for information, and you can establish trust and expertise.

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Your Network Will Grow Your Business!

All of this is to say that a strong network means a strong business…whether you’re a freelancer, you have a side hustle, or you’re gainfully employed. A podcast can help you grow your network and forge strong bonds with other professionals. When you can help each other, I’d say that makes for a successful podcast.

Have you ever met anyone through podcasting? Let me know in the comments below!

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