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Podcast to Learn New Things

Last week I told you how you can build trust through podcasting. This is a great external benefit (and perhaps the main reason) you should start a podcast. But it’s not the only reason. In-fact, that wasn’t the reason I started How I Built It. I started my podcast to learn new things and level up as a business owner. And you can too.

The idea for How I Built It came out of the fact that I was having several private conversation with friends about how they built their business, as I started to ramp up my own. I realized that those conversations would help more people than just me, and my podcast was born. While now I make sure to gather feedback from listeners, this principle has always been a guide for me in determining what content I should put out.

Build on Your Topic

As you work out what you’ll talk about on your show (you’ve picked a topic you love and want to be know for, right?), make sure to build in some professional development for yourself.

Pick areas within your niche where you want to grow, and create content that helps you learn. Click To Tweet

Come up with secondary or related topics where you need growth. These will be areas where you know you’re not well-verse or emerging areas within your niche. Then it’s time to bring in some other voices.

Interview People You Can Learn From

These topics are primed for interviews. You don’t know about the topic, but someone else definitely does.

Reach out to guests who can teach you something. These will be experts in their field, who can make you better at your (and therefore your listeners’) field. One example if you have a show on making eBooks, is to have a marketer on. They can teach you all about marketing, while answering targeted questions on marketing eBooks.

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This technique has taught me so much about audience building, crowdfunding, audio gear, and lots more.

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Do Some Research Yourself

Another way you can make an episode a learning opportunity is to do some research on a particular topic. Maybe you’re evaluating membership tools. You’ve had a memberships expert on to teach you and your audience everything you need to know about starting a membership site. Now it’s time to evaluate what’s out there.

Using episodes to do deeper research on topics is a great way to learn with (and from) your audience. Click To Tweet

You can make a list of the top 3 the look good, and go deep on them. Try them all out, and report your findings to your listeners. You can even have a call to action asking your listeners what they think and what else they’ve tried.

Grow Your Business by Growing Yourself!

A podcast is a great opportunity for you to establish trust with an audience. Part of that trust is knowing you don’t know everything, and learning in the open. Your listeners will trust you even more for it!

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