How to Make a Good Podcast Trailer

Recently I got a question regarding creating an “episode 0” (or podcast trailer) for your podcast – namely, “do I need an episode 0, and when should I do it?” The short answer is, you should do it as soon as you know you want to have a podcast. But let’s take a deeper look at your trailer and launching your podcast.

What is a Podcast Trailer?

Basically, it’s the very first episode in your podcast feed. Most people treat it as “Episode 0” because it’s not part of the show, but it’s crucial for submitting your podcast to directories.

They usually cover the following talking points:

  • Name of the show
  • The host
  • What listeners can expect from the show
  • A very general time frame for launch
  • A call to subscribe (don’t miss the first episode!)

Hook the Listener

You want a structured narrative that starts with a good hook. Give potential fans a reason to keep listening.

Here’s the trailer for my show, How I Built It:

Start with a Story

Much like a good talk, you should start with a story to hook the listener. It can be personal, or something from pop culture.

Once you hook them, tell them how it relates and the problem you’re trying to solve with the show. Then tell them who you are, and what they can expect.

Finally, tell them to subscribe wherever they listen to podcasts.

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But WHY do You Need a Podcast Trailer?

The main reason you should put out a podcast trailer is because you need at least one published episode for podcast directories, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, to accept your feed.

And while most directories approve within a couple of days, you don’t want to have to delay your launch because your show isn’t approved yet.

But it will also introduce your show to people in a preview/low commitment way to get them interested.

When Should You Publish Your Podcast Trailer?

I recommend you do things in this order, but it’s totally up to you:

  1. Determine your show’s mission statement and format
  2. Record a couple of episodes to see if you like podcasting
  3. Write a script for the trailer that touches on everything I listed above
  4. Record it and publish it as soon as it’s edited

You’ll want to make sure you actually like podcasting before you officially announce your show. You don’t want to announce and never launch, so you want to make sure you’re ready with a couple of episodes.

That said, you don’t want to announce too late and delay launch.

The real take away is this: think about your show, what you want to say in the trailer to hook people and get them to subscribe, and record it.

What do you think?

Are you working on your own podcast? Have questions about recording a podcast trailer? Let me know!

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