Podcast with Me: How I Make WP Review

Get a peak behind the scenes on how I research, organize, and script my fortnightly WordPress podcast. You’ll see my system for tracking stories, keeping the format straight, and the apps I use, including Craft for research and Descript for recording, editing, and uploading!

My Process

I put each show together slightly differently, especially since WP Review doesn’t have any guests (most of the time). Here’s what I’ll generally do:

  1. Collect stories using Craft. Craft has great share support across Apple devices, so I’ll usually grab stores and save them to a “Stories to Cover” document.
  2. On record days, I’ll select 3-4 stories to talk about, making one the “main segment.”
  3. The main segment is scripted because I want to make sure I’m covering all the points I want to hit. It’s repurposed as a blog post.
  4. When it comes time to record, I have a project in Descript I work from. I’ll record there, add the bumper music, and make any edits I need. My Rodecaster Pro is configured so the sound is usually where I want it to be.
  5. From Descript, I can publish directly to Castos, where the episode is hosted. Then I move it over to WordPress, and tell the world!

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