Stop Asking Podcast Guests to Tell the Audience Who they are

With Mini Podcasts on the rise and the average listening time for podcast, listeners is around 25 minutes, you want to make your podcast as easy to consume as possible. One sure-fire way to cut out the fluff, increase listens, and grow your show, is to stop asking your guests this one question:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Most likely, you’re having the guest on because they are an expert in their field. So want you them to impart some knowledge to your audience.

But the “tell us about yourself” question eats up precious minutes and is usually a waste of time — especially when, unlike YouTube, you don’t get points for minutes listened.

Instead, try doing a quick intro in the very beginning…just enough to know what the guest does and why they are being interviewed. Then dive right into the meat of the content.

Your listeners will thank you.

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