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Hi, I’m Joe. Every week, I share the exact tools, strategies, and tactics I use to bring in $50,000+ a year from my podcast. In other words, I share how to be a profitable podcaster.

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Topics we cover: How to make money, episode ideas, growing your podcast, getting found, success stories, and more!

Want an example? Here’s Tip #21:

Stop putting the Episode number at the beginning of the title! It’s not relevant to people or search engines, and most apps add it automatically.

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In just implementing a few of the strategies you’ve provided, I am already starting to see traffic to my website and unique downloads per episode increase.

Donald Taylor, Double Shot of Wellness

This is fantastic, Joe! You’re giving me so much confidence and making this seem much less daunting! Thanks so much.

Ashley Ashbee, Content and Community

Hey Joe! I just wanted to write and let you know I’ve been getting a great deal of value from your newsletter lately! 

Beth Livingston
The Profitable Podcaster

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