Using AI to Craft a Listener Avatar

I’ll admit I’ve been lukewarm on “ideal customer avatars.” 

I mean, without research, you’re basically just making it up, right? 

But I also believe that in order to have a successful podcast, you need to know exactly who you’re talking to. 

Something I’ve been experimenting with is using Chat GPT-4 to craft listener avatars – descriptions of your ideal listener, based on your podcast, what problem you solve, and a basic description of who you serve. 

I was really impressed with the results and thought I’d share an example here (Check out the screenshots for full context).

Here’s the prompt I came up with: 

My podcast helps busy, solopreneur parent podcasters save time by optimizing their processes and automating everything they can, so they can spend more time with their kids. Can you craft 2 listener avatars for me, one male, one female?

Here are the results:

The two listeners felt so real. David is a married solopreneur with 2 kids. He’s having trouble balancing work and personal live and views podcast as a platform for personal growth (add one more kid and you’re basically describing me). 

Jennifer is a single mom with a daughter and a full time job. She wants to improve her podcast process to be more efficient. I’ve coached this person. 

But then I followed up with these prompts: 

Tell me a little more about Jennifer. Where do you think she needs the most help?
What kind of questions might David ask me if he were to write into my show?

In both instances, the AI went deep, describing not only basic feelings and optional questions, but how these people are feeling and what motivates them. 

This is the most impressed I’ve been with AI.

If you’re pre-launch or don’t yet have a way to reach out to your potential (or current) listeners, consider leveraging AI to craft listener avatars You’ll: 

  1. Have a starting point for who to talk to while you grow your show.
  2. Understand what kinds of questions you should ask your own listeners with the time comes.
  3. Have a wealth of potential topics to pull from and experiment with.

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