Want to grow your podcast? Do these 5 things!

Is your podcast growth flat? Are you trying to build an audience? What if I told you there are 5 things you can do to grow your podcast? I break them down here, so give it a watch!

5 Changes You Should Make:

  1. Get a Decent Mic. You don’t need to spend $400, but you should use a decent USB mic. I recommend the ATR-2100x
  2. Don’t just record and release. Too many people just record a Zoom call and release it as a podcast. Listeners expect more than that these days.
  3. Do a little research. Don’t go in cold. If you’re interviewing someone, do some background work on them and don’t have them introduce themselves — get right to the heart of the interview. If it’s a solo show, fact-check yourself and have an outline.
  4. Make it easy to share episodes. Have an easy-to-remember URL, and have the share buttons on the episodes page! Help people help you!
  5. Make helpful social media posts. Don’t just point a link to the episode. Create useful content on the platform, then link to the episode for more context.

Podcast Booster Blueprint

Use my 10-year podcasting journey to put your podcast on the right track. 

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