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You might be wondering if now is a good time to start a podcast. Unequivocally, the answer is yes. Here’s why.  

Why should you start a podcast?

  • It’s Affordable: You can do it for less than $100.
  • Growing Audience: Podcast growth is trending upward.
  • The Next Great Form of Content: 87% of people like podcasting because they can do other things will listening.
  • You Can Help People: Listeners want to learn new things.
  • You Can Help Yourself: Podcasting creates opportunity
  • You Can Grow Your Business: Podcasting means you’re generous with your time. People reward generosity.

It’s Affordable

Let’s start with a basic premise: getting started will no long cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, you can do it for less than $100.

You no longer need to be in a recording studio to get high-quality audio. You can get a decent mic that plugs right into your computer. There are all-in-one services that allow us to create and manage our entire show from one place, for a small monthly fee.

And with some guidance, you can create the perfect show for your audience.

It couldn’t be easier.

Podcasting has grown significantly, especially with weekly listeners.

Edison Research, 2021

There’s a Growing (and Trusting) Audience


Listenership in USA

That’s a 17% increase since 2017.


weekly listeners

Listenership doubled between 2016-2020


are learners

Most people listen to learn something new.


trust brands more

…if they hear about the brand on a podcast.

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The Next Great Place to Put Your Content

Podcasting is the new blogging.
Seth Godin

In 2018, both Seth Godin and Pat Flynn stated they believe podcasting is the new blogging.

It feels a lot like that too. Back around 2004, when blogging really exploded, we saw a number of tools come out to make publishing easier for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress, and Moveable Type all set out to do something that hadn’t been done before: allow people who know nothing about website development to set up their own websites.

Now, we’re seeing the same thing with podcasting. It’s easier than ever, and more people are listening to podcasts.

Unlike books, blog posts, and even videos, people can passively listen to podcasts. They can listen while driving, cleaning, or while out on a run. It’s the most convenient way to get ideas, news, and entertainment.

You Can Help Others

There are lots of ways you can help people out with your podcast. Most obviously is teaching. 74% of people listen to podcasts to learn something new. Using your podcast to teach lessons, or even quick tips and tricks, offers your listeners something that they can use in their lives.

But there are other ways too. Your podcast is your platform. You can use it to surface the messages and voices of people with smaller platforms and amplify the good. You can use your podcast to raise money for a cause you believe it. And you can keep people informed on important issues and news events.

Finally, you can offer direct access to you. People can submit questions or comments for you to read on your show.

Lots of shows have very successful Q&A segments – it’s something that can work well for both you and your listeners!

You Can Help Yourself

There are a ton of ways having a podcast helps you too – and it should! Lots of work goes into a podcast and doing it “for the love of the game” will only go so far. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to find some benefit in podcasting!

First and foremost, it’s a place for you to establish your authority in your field. You can do that by teaching people, offering advice, and sharing your experiences. This will help you grow your audience and perhaps even generate some leads for your products and services.

But you can also learn new things. When you interview other experts in their field, you will pick up new things that will help you. I’m definitely indebted to my guests. They’ve helped me more than they’ll know!

This will also allow you to grow your network and form potentially long-term relationships with your guests. I’ve business partners, confidants, and friends on my show.

The possibilities here are endless. Set your goals for your podcast, work towards those goals, and you’ll see fantastic results.

Don’t just take it from me…

Richer Community

I thought I’d start a podcast and have moderate to no success. Less than a year in I’ve recorded over 100 episodes with more than 100 guests. Through the podcast I can help each guest tell their story, and the community is richer because of it.
Michelle Frechette

Lead Machine

I’m smarter, better networked, created a lead machine, and am able to add incredible free value to my community because of the decision to start a podcast 5+ years ago.
Chris Badgett

Better Networking

Before podcasting I used to have to approach other people at conferences. Now people come up to me to start conversations about their favorite episodes. Who knew recording episodes in my bedroom would make conferences easier?

My Own Success Story

I’m a long time podcaster (over 8 years at this point!). Admittedly, my first show didn’t go so well. I started it in 2013 and it didn’t catch on.

But then I honed my process and my message, and launched a new show in 2016 called  How I Built It. I’ve grown it into one that has been downloaded millions of times.

Here are my stats:

  • Makes $30,000-$50,000 every year from sponsorships alone
  • Gets 60,000 downloads in the first 30 days
  • Ranks in the top 1.5% of all podcasts
  • Had paying sponsors before launching all 3 of my podcasts

I can help you too.

You Have the “Why.” Now Here’s How.

Start your podcast today and get a head start in a fast growing content area. You can doing for less than $100, and you can help people. Plus you’ll grow your audience and make money.

If you need help getting started, check out Podcast Liftoff. It’s a self-paced course (you’re busy, after all) which will take you from having nothing to creating a sustainable podcast – showing you exactly what to do every step of the way.

Or have it done for you! We can come up with a plan that will work best for you, or you can just press record and I’ll take care of the rest!