Podcast processes that help you win back
your time.

Whether you’re trying to launch, grow, or use your time wisely, you need the right systems in place.

That’s where I come in.

The University of Scranton

What would you do with 12 extra hours per week?

After my first daughter was born in 2017, I noticed a monumental shift in my time. I used to run a side hustle nearly full time, while also maintaining a full time job. But, as they say, kids change everything.

I didn’t seem to have enough time in the day to run my own business, while also making time for my family.

Then our babysitter quit.

My wife is a nurse, so my schedule is more flexible. I started watching my daughter more.

My podcast suffered and we needed the income it was generating.

Then the pandemic hit. My wife was working even more.

In July 2020 we welcomed our second child. I knew if my podcast my business I was going to survive, I’d need to do less.

That’s when I really started automating, and delegating, everything I possibly could.

It was life-changing. Like, more time for my business and my family. Nothing falling through the cracks. No staying up late to publish the next episode.

Recently, I was asked how I can run my business, produce 3+ podcasts, and raise 3 kids (we welcomed our 3rd in December 2021).

It’s all thanks to my automations. I save 12 hours per week because of how much I took off my plate.

How I can help you

My mission is to help podcasters win back their time, grow their podcast, and be less stressed. Here how I can help you:

Podcast Audit

I’ll do an in-depth breakdown of your podcast and give you actionable advice for growth and monetization.

“This guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the podcasts”

“Joe was a guest on my podcast. I was like, wow, this guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the podcast. Immediately after that, I was like Joe, I want to work with you…From both the growing side of things and the monetizing side of things–one of the best investments I’ve made.”

Jono Petrohilos, Course Creator Community

“We received our first sponsorship”

“Joe was really helpful in giving some advice on not only managing our podcast and setting up a new podcast, but especially when it came to sponsorships. He was really invaluable, the advice he gave for soliciting sponsorships, different sponsorship levels and how to manage that. So we’re really grateful and we did receive our first sponsorship of this week.”

Tara ClaeysMindful School Marketing

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