Perfect Podcast Planning

The lynchpin of a great podcast process that can save you 12+ hours per week is a solid planner. That’s why I’m sharing mine with you. This planner is the brain of my entire operation, and you can have it completly for free.

Get the exact planner I use for my shows, in Notion, Airtable, or Google Sheets.

Hi! I’m Joe Casabona

I know what it feels like to struggle with your business. And without my podcast, I wouldn’t be self-employed.

As I prepared to leave my full time job, I had a false sense of security for how much work I thought would have. Then I launched my first podcast, and to my surprise, it became a great revenue generator. New work, new contacts, and sponsor money started coming in.
My business was saved! 

Since then, I’ve launched a bunch of podcasts, all sponsored from day one. I have a podcast membership, and have used my shows to establish expertise and get client work. I have the process down pat.

You deserve to have that process too.

Trusted Partners, Sponsors, and Institutions

The University of Scranton
Tara Claeys, Mindful School Marketing